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Easter 2024 (2024-03-31)
The Christmas invasion (2024-03-23)
Series 1 summary (2024-01-27)
The parting of the ways (2024-01-13)
Bad Wolf (2023-12-30)
Christmas 2023 (2023-12-25)
Boom town (2023-12-16)
The Doctor dances (2023-12-02)
The empty child (2023-11-18)
Father’s Day (2023-11-04)
List of episodes covered (2023-10-27)
The long game (2023-10-21)
Dalek (2023-10-07)
World War III (2023-09-23)
Aliens of London (2023-09-09)
The unquiet dead (2023-08-26)
Spoiler policy (2023-08-24)
The end of the world (2023-08-12)
Rose (2023-07-31)
Disclaimers and legal stuff (2023-07-28)
List of all the posts (2023-07-22)
Supporting the author (2023-07-21)
Contact (2023-07-20)
Frequently asked questions (2023-07-19)
About this weblog (2023-07-18)
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