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If you find this weblog worthy of your time, please consider supporting me. I need it! (Read on to learn how to support me in a way that doesn’t strain your budget.) This is a hobby project of mine. While I love writing posts here, it takes considerable time, and time spent on writing here is not time spent with my family nor time spent earning money for them, so I need to be quite frugal with time (rather unlike the Doctor…).

For now, I commit myself to write and publish at least 14 posts about Series 1 (one post per episode plus a summary), with a frequency of one post per two weeks. (I am a long time blogger – I’ve been blogging weekly for the past nine years on another blog of mine, so I feel pretty confident I’ll manage to update this weblog regularly.) I would love to continue writing about further series, but that depends on the level of support I get. If it’s low, I may write less often (I really hope not to abandon this project altogether, but it’s also a sad possibility). If it’s higher, I may increase the frequency of writing. We’ll see!

There are basically three ways you can show your support. The most obvious one is financial. If you can afford it, consider setting up a regular donation on Liberapay or Patreon. (The former is slightly better, but the latter is more popular.) Even 6 dollars (or pounds, or euro…) per month is helpful to make my writing here more sustainable.

If you cannot (or do not want to) pay me money, but still want to increase the probability this weblog continues, please send me an email. (Well, you can do that even if you do pay me money, I’d love to hear from you!) I intentionally do not install any visitor tracking software here, I only have a regular webserver logging, but that gives me very little information (and I don’t look at it very often anyway). So reaching out to me once in a while is pretty much the only way (apart for setting a regular donation, of course) you can tell me that it’s worthwhile to publish here and that there is actually someone who cares.

Also, you can spread the word and tell your friends about this weblog. Even if you cannot afford supporting me financially, maybe someone else can – and you can let them know! Remember, the more people support me (in any one – or more – of those ways), the greater the chances this weblog will continue and be updated more frequently.

And let me stress this once again – if you cannot or don’t want to support me financially, that’s fine, too! I understand that people have various life situations, priorities etc. You can read everything I write here for free, and you are still very welcome – enjoy!